WANSCAM Video Call Phone IP Camera HW0035

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How are you? I am Gavin from Shenzhen Wanscam Co.,Ltd, IP Camera

manufacturer for years in China. Thanks for reading this article.

“WANSCAM” is our brand. At present, it is one of the top five ip camera brands in China. Our main products are p2p wifi ip cameras, the app e-View 7 developped by us now  is available in App Store and Google Play.

Now I would like to recommend you our new model:

HW0035—Wanscam Video Call Phone IP Camera

Key Features of Wanscam HW0035:

1. H.264, DC 5V2A.   CMOS 300K Pixel.
2. 11 LED, IR distance 9M.    3. Lens:3.6 mm, 2-way audio.
4. Wi-Fi/802.11/b/g/n .
5. Recording: Motion detection, alarm record, timing record, manual record.  6. iPhone, Andriod APP, named V-cam.
7. Video storage: USB 2.0 & TF card
8. Pan Tilt: Pan:355°, Tilt: 85°
9. Visual video call.
10. 1X wireless door magnet; 1X wireless remote control; 1x3C smart card

wanscam hw0035-- video call phone ip camera.

wanscam hw0035– video call phone ip camera.

wanscam hw0035.

wanscam hw0035.

If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us.

Shenzhen Wanscam Technology Co.,Ltd.  www.wanscam.com

Gavin Hong

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Good News from WANSCAM Co,.Ltd

Good News from WANSCAM Co,.Ltd

One of the top five IP Camera manufaturers in China.Wanscam P2P Wirelss Wifi IP Camera,your best option.

Recently, many clients report that the camera is not as easy installation disc, some computers can not be inserted into a small disc. Because of this, wanscam decided on December 1 began issuing paper manuals, CD officially discontinued. Meanwhile, the web version of the manual will meet with you. Login directly to customers, you can watch online detailed instructions, as well as the video camera is installed.

The website is  http://www.wanscam.com/cd/

you can watch the installation video here.

Any suggestion,please let us know.

wanscam ip camera

wanscam user manual online

Gavin Hong








Wanscam New Product JW0003

Wanscam New Product JW0003

Now Wanscam Co,.Ltd developed a new model,JW0003,

Unique appearance,complete functions,cheapest price which made him so polular all over the world.

Regarding to the JW0003,P2P,plug and play,support wifi 802.11 b/g/n mode,2 way audio,free mobile app for iOS and Android.Now no need to do extra settings in the router,very easy setup.

Wanscam JW0003

Wanscam JW0003


Indoor Pan Tilt Wireless Wifi Night Vision IP Camera Wanscam JW0003

Indoor Pan Tilt Wireless Wifi Night Vision IP Camera Wanscam JW0003

The BEST price:  Only $25 per/set






The advantages of Wanscam IP Camera

The advantages of Wanscam IP Camera

Wanscam Co.Ltd,one of the top five ip camera manufacturer in China.Now Wanscam IP Cameras become popular and popular in the whole world,as the result of good product quality,competitive price,and most important,the excellent service.

Wanscam provides their products with 2 years warranty,besides,the camera can be maintained remotely,upgrading,installation,etc.

Easy setup.Just connect the camera to the router,insert the CD into Pc CD driver,run the search tool to find its ip address.For p2p ip camera,plug and play,just install program,then you can view it in Lan and from Internet.

No need to use DDNS,no need to do port forwarding any more!!

Wanscam,our best option, right?

Gavin Hong

www.wanscam.com (P2P Wireless Wifi Dome Ptz zoom ip camera)


Remote Access Wanscam IP Camera

Remote Access Wanscam IP Camera

Remote Access IP Camera?That means access your IP Camera from Internet when you are not at home.This is the most important function of IP Camera.

To remote access Wanscam IP Camera,there are 2 methods.

Method 1: Use p2p function,plug and play.Just connect your camera to the router,then install app/program/software.For iPhone,go to App Store, search for E-View,install it and add camera in;For Android phone,the app is in the small CD,copy it to your android phone.For PC,install computer program,that called CMS. Very easy setup.


Method 2: Use free DDNS. Wanscam proved free DDNS.To login your camera from Internet, you shold do port forwarding in your router.Then set DDNS for your camera.Not that easy way.

Gavin Hong



wanscam wireless wifi p2p ip camera

wanscam wireless wifi p2p ip camera

Hi Dear reader

Good day to  you.

 Let me introduce myself. My name is Gavin, from WANSCAM IP camera, a company of IP camera developer & manufacturer.OEM & ODM provider.

Now i am here to introduce our hot-selling model to you, JW0004, which is often used as baby monitor.

The key features:


1. Indoor IP camera, support WIFI 802.11 b/g/n mode.

2. Pan 270 degrees, tilt 90 degrees.

3. 2-way audio, listen and speaker.

4. Motion detection, mail and FTP uploading.

5. Night vision, up to 10M.

6. Cmos 300k pixels. 3.6mm lens.

7. p2p function, plug and play, iPhone and Android app available.

8. Free DDNS provided.




Online demo:http://wanscam1.ipcpnp.com      username:user       pwd:user       JW0004


For more information, pls feel free and don’t hesitate to contact me.

Looking forward to your kindly reply, and develop a long-term cooperative relationship.

Have a nice day!

King regards

Gavin Hong

Marketing Dpt

Shenzhen Wanscam Technology Co.,Ltd

Website: www.wanscam.com

Tel:+86-755-29987468                Fax:+86-755-29609051

Email:sales11@wanscam.com   Skype:wanscam.gavin

Add: The 5th Floor,A24 Building,2nd Industrial zone  of Fuwei,Fuyong,Baoan,Shenzhen,China

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Wanscam PTZ Outdoor 720p IP Camera

Wanscam PTZ Outdoor 720P  Wireless Wifi IP Camera

Now Wanscam company has developed and produced many kinds of IP Cameras for outdoor use.

Outdoor Bullet Weatherproof IP Camera,such as HW0022(720P HD),JW0006,JW0011

Outdoor PTZ Weatherproof IP Camera,such as C0D8,HW0025,HW0028,with pan tilt ,3 times zoom function.

All of these wireless wifi ip camera,are with good night visibility.Support Wifi 802.11 b/g/n mode.

wanscam HW0028


eight                        HW0022

2 years warrenty.

If you have interest, pls contact us.

Gavin Hong

Mail:sales11@wanscam.com        skype:wanscam.gavin


How to upgrade your IP camera

How to upgrade your Wanscam IP camera

To get better UE(User Experence), We customer often want to upgrade our camera, make the camera work more functional.

But, don’t forget that upgrading is very risky, it may damage your camera.

So you should upgrade with cautious.

Pay attention, dont shutdown the power while upgrading, besides, dont upgrade with wrong firmware.!!

Wanscam IP Camera, your best option.